Thursday, January 21, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Zhang Yifan

People are producing too much waste! Plastic bags, bones Co2, carbon-monoxide and other greenhouse gases, these are ingredients to erths destruction! while cars can be made eco-friendly, humans don't we still breathe out Co2 at the same rate....planting trees that collect Co2 can solve the problem of Co2 emmisions, but are we willing to do it? Recycling is another option, however, all these eco-friendly options are always crossed out in people's to do list-reusing, reducing, no littering, reduce carbon emmisions and etc. but the ones ticked in most people's list are very simple ones like littering, producing more Co2 and etc. I was thinking of using magnetic motor cars, though prone to breaking, alternate magnets like those made out of steel can be used, or those deep under the sea, which are very durable.

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