Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Millie Thng

Will human beings' selfish acts bring about the Earth's doom?
Yes it will. We human beings are chopping down forests and burning them down for our own use. When we do so, there would be less oxygen in the air for us to take in and more carbon dioxide in the air. Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, heat gets trapped in Earth. When there is more carbon dioxide in the air, more heat gets trapped. This will cause the polar ice cap to melt and causes a flood. We also litter. When a big amount of rubbish is burnt, we come back to the same point, more carbon dioxide is released into the air, heat gets trap so on and so forth.

What we can we do to save the Earth?
-plant more trees
-reduce the amount of litter used (reuse,reduce,recycle)
-stop burning or chopping down forests

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