Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Serene Fong

Will human beings' selfish acts bring about the Earth's doom?
Yes, it will bring about the Earth's doom. We are emitting carbon monoxide, CFCs and other harmful gases. We are also dumping waste materials into the ocean. This will lead to global warming and melting of ice in places such as Arctic so much so some countries such as Venice will be completely submerged underwater. Eventually, it the Earth will face its doom. 

What we can we do to save the Earth?
We can reduce, reuse and recycle. For example, we can recycle used plastic bags. Switch off electronic devices when not in use such as the Fan. We can also use energy saving bulbs to cut down on the amount of energy we use. Thus, cutting down on the amount of fossil fuels being burnt.

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