Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ADMT lesson 1 Environment - Arthur Lee

ADMT lesson 1 Environment - Arthur Lee
Yes,it will bring about the Earth's doom if we keep going on like this. Man's selfish actions like using a lot of energy. This will cause us to burn more fossil fuels to  produce more energy, the carbon dioxide produced from the burning will cause the ozone layer to become thinner. This will in turn cause polar ice caps to melt and flood other countries or in other words - Global warming.    

We can conserve energy by using more energy - saving lightbulbs and energy - saving appliances and vehicles.We can also add a little change to our lifestyle by doing simple things like turning off the lights when we do not need them, switching off the fan when not in use. These little things can make a big difference if everyone does their part.
Reduce: It is to make the complete, full use of certain things we have, thereby using less of those things.
Reuse: It is to use things that are  able to be used again.
Recycle: It is to make used and unwanted things into more things that can be used again.
However these things are easier said than done. 

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