Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homework (18th Feb 2010) Reminder

1) Journal on the theme - environment (At least 7 pages) - Group Work
- Definition
- Mindmap
- Questions
- Research and findings
- Identify the need using PIES
- Existing ways of solving the problem (Tabulated, good and bad points of existing solutions.
Deadline: 25th Feb 2010

Please email your work to Ms Seah's SST email account.

2) ADMT Test 1
Please be reminded to ask your parents to sign next to the mark on the test paper.
Bring a black ring file for filing on the 23rd Feb 2010.

3) Photo comment
Please view the personal admt blog of at least 5 students of the class. Comment on the photos posted. Take note of the technical aspects of the photo. Comment on the good and bad of each photos and suggest ways of improving the photo taken.
Deadline: 19th Feb 2010

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